FIRSTĀ® receives funding from Donors (Grantors) which is designated to FIRSTĀ®, FIRST Robotics Competition, FIRST Tech Challenge, FIRST Lego League or FIRST Lego League Jr. These are restricted donations with designations defined and imposed on FIRST by the donor. FIRST will "regrant" these funds to the team as a "pass through" grant (with no deductions for overhead), subject to the following guidelines: 

  • Please verify the Program & Team number entered in your Submission. It should match the team and program information listed in your Dashboard Account
  • The regrant must be a minimum of $250 for FLL Jr. teams, $500 for FLL/FTC teams and $1,000 for FRC teams
  • The team must currently have a credit balance (over payment) on account with FIRST. (Please verify using your Dashboard Account)
  • FIRST has a current, signed W-9 on file (five years old or less)* 
  • FIRST receives the Donor's donation and designation in writing
  • ALL FIRST Registration Fees need to be paid in full (before any regrant is issued), and the team does not anticipate registration fees for additional events or Championship registration. This is especially important for FRC teams 
  • The team initiates the process of receiving the regrant via the Submittable online application and maintains records for audit compliance
  • A new Submittable application is required for each regrant request**  

If your team meets the criteria listed above, and you'd like to request a regrant, please complete the application form below. Complete, accurate applications will be reviewed and processed as soon as possible, typically within 15-20 business days.

* FIRST cannot disburse granted funds to an individual. This is not the donor's intent and could result in taxable income to the person receiving the funds. As such, FIRST will regrant to entities only 

** Funds can only be regranted to your team for costs directly associated with FIRST programs and activities. Should the Donor request a follow-up report on the exact use of regrant funds, it is the responsibility of the team to maintain adequate records of the use of regranted funds.  

Note: We are currently awaiting payment from several large sponsors and are unable to process regrants related to those payments until the funding arrives at FIRST HQ. If your regrant is impacted by pending sponsor payments, you will receive an acceptance email and acknowledgement of your request, but your regrant check will not be processed until payment arrives.

Please visit our website for comprehensive information on Regrants via the following link:  Regranting, Process, Procedures, and W-9