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FIRST® is excited to announce a funding opportunity exclusively available to FIRST® Robotics Competition Rookie Teams and New Veteran Teams participating in the 2022 season!

Grant Details:

  • Awarded teams will receive $6,000 (restricted to registration) over the course of 2 seasons.
    • $4,000 in season 1 (2022)
    • $2,000 in season 2 (2023) *Upon completion of 2nd year assignment
  • Awarded teams will be responsible for raising the additional funding needed each season
  • Teams must apply for grant via this application and meet all criteria to be eligible
  • Teams must fulfill grant obligations outlined below to receive the year 2 disbursement

Grant Criteria and Obligations:

  • Teams must be a FIRST Robotics Competition Rookie or New Veteran Team
  • Teams must register for the 2022 season before the grant can be applied
  • The application must include a copy of the team's fundraising plan. At minimum, the fundraising plan should include the following components: Budget, Fundraising Strategy, Timeline of Fundraising Activities

Application Deadline: Applications must be submitted no later than Thursday, October 28th at 11:59 PM ET. Teams must register for the 2022 season before the grant can be applied to a team's account.

Teams will be notified via email of their award status by Wednesday, November 10th. Please note that completing an application does not guarantee funding and all teams should be actively fundraising and seeking additional funding opportunities.

For additional fundraising and grant opportunities, please see the FIRST  Fundraising Toolkit. FIRST will be collaborating with local FIRST Program Delivery Partners while reviewing applications. To find your FIRST Program Delivery Partner please visit

By submitting this application on behalf of your FIRST  Robotics Competition team, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the terms of this grant.  This includes an understanding that this grant is restricted to registration only and a commitment to fulfill the second-year requirement to receive the second portion of funding.

2nd Year of Grant: In order to foster a culture of Gracious Professionalism®, awardees must share lessons learned at the end of the 2022 season. Teams will be asked to complete a "lessons learned" assignment in May 2022, which will qualify them for the next year of the grant ($2,000 towards registration). IMPORTANT:  Failure to perform post-award obligations may forfeit year 2 funding.