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The Corning Incorporated Foundation is delighted to support team grant opportunities to FIRST teams that have an association with a US Corning Incorporated employee and are located near a US Corning facility.

The grants are available for all three FIRST programs to fund registration and product costs. FIRST Lego League Discovery/Explore (FLL) can apply for up to $500, FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) and FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) for up to $2,000. The grants must be applied to registration, robot kits/parts, and field set-up kits. (Examples of expenses not covered are travel, team t-shirts, snacks, and local robotic events.)  Materials supported with the grant are expected to be utilized for 2+ years.

Teams should apply and get approval for the Corning/FIRST grant prior to paying for registration for the 2022-23 FIRST season. You can register, however, do not pay for your registration as you will forfeit eligibility for grant funding.

Please complete the application below, grants can be requested throughout the season until funds are fully distributed. This grant opportunity is first-come, first-serve. FIRST payment deadlines (and information links are below):


· Open to Rookie & Veteran teams

· Team must be near (within 40 miles) of a Corning facility

  (click here for a list)

· A Corning employee(s) must be associated with the team (coach, mentor, 

  supporter). The associated employee must log volunteer hours for the 

  Corning Incorporated

  Dollars for Doers Program.

· Teams must not have paid their registration fee prior to receiving the grant

· Teams will be required to complete a post season survey

Teams will be notified of their grant status with in 15 business days of submission.

Should you have any questions, please email the FIRST Stewardship Team

Thanks to the generous support of the DEKA Foundation, FIRST® is excited to announce our need-based FIRST® Tech Challenge Rookie Team Grant for teams participating in the 2022-2023 FIRST® Tech Challenge Season! 

2022-2023 FIRST® Tech Challenge Rookie Team Grant Details

  • Only new (rookie) FIRST® Tech Challenge 2022-2023 season teams in North America and USA military APO are eligible to apply for our Rookie Team Grant.
  • Awarded new teams will receive a $750 grant to use towards FIRST® Tech Challenge season registration and products in the FIRST® Tech Challenge Storefront.
  • Teams must apply for the grant and meet all criteria to be eligible
  • Grant is need-based
  • Hardship funding is limited, grants will be awarded until the funding is exhausted - please remember your Gracious Professionalism® and apply only with real need
  • Grant can not be carried over and is not refundable
  • If you are expecting a grant, please do not check out until that grant has been awarded. FIRST will not be able to make changes to orders after checkout.
  • View the complete payment terms here: 

Eligibility for the 2022-2023 FIRST® Tech Challenge Rookie Team Grant

  • Applicants must be FIRST® Tech Challenge participants
  • Only one application per team is allowed
  • Grant applicants must plan to participate in the upcoming FIRST® Tech Challenge season
  • Teams will be required to prove their participation at the end of the season
  • If a new mentor has an existing team as well as a new team, the existing team must be registered before the new team can be eligible for this grant
  • If awarded, teams will not receive their grant funding until the team's Lead Coach 1 and Lead Coach 2 are both successfully screened
  • If you are expecting a grant, please do not check out until that grant has been awarded. FIRST will not be able to make changes to orders after checkout.
  • View the complete payment terms here: 

Expectations for the 2022-2023 FIRST® Tech Challenge Rookie Grant Recipients

  • If chosen, grant sponsors may invite you to share your FIRST® Tech Challenge experiences with them. They are very interested in your progress as a team and will be excited to hear more about your season.
  • Additionally, if chosen, please send us a digital “sponsor thank you” to our generous sponsor the DEKA Foundation, as an acknowledgement of their contributions.  Failure to acknowledge this gift and complete reporting requirements may result in ineligibility for future grants.
  • Digital thank you files including letters of thanks from the team, pictures,  presentations and whatever else you can think of can be sent to the following email: 

**Please include "2022-2023 Rookie Grant Sponsor Thank you" in the subject line**

General questions about the grant can be sent to: